• Movement (in both directions) of the conical disks, in perfect simmetry.
  • Constant and gradual action of the slotted conical Belleville washers.
  • Wide contact surface of the load bearing hub, with specially grooved toothing made of hardened and tempered steel with antiscuff treatment. The holes for connecting the hubs to the driving shafts are: ISO H7 with key UNI 6604-69.
  • Conical disks: made of hardened and tempered steel, with anti-scuff treatment, up to model DVS 225 (included). For “bigger” dimensions, these disks are made of cast iron: G 30 UNI 5007/69 AL-NI-CR with wear-proof treatment in order to assure better sliding and longer life.
  • Dynamic balancing: It occurs only for models: 270 – 310 – 360 in order to prevent any vibrations at high speeds. As for the standard versions, no dynamic balancing is needed since the disks are completely machined.