DM/SM/PM Series
The “DM” series torque limiters are safety devices that intervene to protect mechanical transmissions and respective components that are subjected to repeated overloading. These devices are characterized by a max. sensitivity. The solution provided by radial balls, controlled by cylindrical spiral spring, with a differentiated adjustment for every ball, allows repeatability and possibility of choice when the torque value is very high. With low speed it is possible to obtain perfect adjustment and faithful reproduction of the overload effects. Therefore, even if in principle, it is possible to use DM torque limiters also with 1400 rpm, a speed lower than 600 r.p.m. is recommended to reduce the starting and stopping inertial effects, which could cause the release of the limiters also in cases when it is not absolutely necessary.

Free idle rotating radial ball torque limiters with the possibility of fitting the driving component by both sides, according to the requirements. They are extremely sensitive and easy-to-adjust. The re-engagement of the moving body must be carried out by the operator. The micro switch must be fitted in order to stop motion in case of release.

With larger hole – Same technical and constructive features of the DM series, but with a larger hole, which allows the fitting on non standardized shafts having larger diameters.

With through hole – They show the same features of the previous limiter types. They can (when the fitting on the end is not possible) be fitted in the middle of the driving shaft, that is the main shaft, with a through hole. The fitting of a micro-switch in case of release Is absolutely necessary.

With automatic timing and re-engagement – This range derives from the DM/SM series, keeping the operating, fitting and adjustment features unchanged. It differs in the automatic re-engagement every 360° and in the possibility of keeping a preset angular phase.

Same technical and constructive features of the FDM series, but with larger hole, which enables the fitting on non-standardized shafts having larger diameters.

With timing – Same technical and constructive features of the PM series; it differs in the possibility of an automatic re-engagement every 360° in case of release.