1974 is the official birth of the Deserti Meccanica which is the first Italian company to produce and market torque limiters. Giorgio Deserti, a part of the large experience in adaptors field which had a large spread in that time, choses to improve himself in a different and innovative technology, that is the torque limiter founding the eponymous company that today is a reality that can compete with with multinational companies. The idea of Giorgio Deserti came from a company operating in the food industry that realized tray packers machines for fruit and vegetables: he had the courage to put his hand between the two levers of a machine to check in first person that, as soon as his fingers came into the sphere of action of the levers, the machine got blocked immediately being equipped with a dedicated torque limiter.

Here the limiter function: when in any mechanical transmission occurs a sudden hitch and accordingly the transmitted torque increases in an anomalous way, the limiter intervenes blocking the entire transmission avoiding the breakage of mechanical parts and / or damage to persons . It ‘so easy to guess that the torque limiters are applicable to almost any type of industrial motors.
Today it should still create the right mindset for the torque limiters, as it was for adaptors, laying the foundations for a certain “culture” of the limiter itself. When this mentality will be present then it also will be a massive demand for this mechanical technology that will always exist at industrial level, in transmission form.
Nowadays, even though being a relatively young company, Deserti Meccanica is actively involved in spreading the culture of security in the market and it represents a reality able to compete with multinational companies sector and it has already been forged for over a new competitor.
Deserti Meccanica offers a wide range of torque limiters both mechanical and pneumatic to satisfying every need.
Constantly attentive to the market developments and to the demands of customers, Deserti Meccanica increases the family of limiters with an important new type of product: in 2000 it is once again a pioneer in the market as the first Italian company to produce and market torque limiters “ BACKLASH-FREE “ radial and torsional. The sophisticated series SGR born to arrive today to the new DGZ limiters, series with many derivatives that contribute to expand the range of limiters.
The great precision of “ backlash-free “ torque limiters means that they can be used in all mechanical transmissions where disengagement of the drive must absolutely not cause shifting in the fixed movement points, as for instance, in automtic machines for packaging and packing that rappesent the end line of all the modern food industry.

In 2007 Deserti Meccanica starts to produce and market electromagnetic brakes

In 2007 Deserti Meccanica incorporates a branch of Protasi Freni company, manufacturer in electromagnetic brakes for braking electric motors, developing in this way two new series of electromagnetic brakes, arising from TMK and TMS X series that exploit the technology of permanent magnets. International patent.

Deserti Meccancia also creates a new series of AC brakes.

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