Power transmission joints

GLTR Torsionally Rigid Lamellar Joints

The laminar joints by DESERTI MECCANICA are manufactured according to the traditional quality of the company. The hubs are entirely made of processed steel with corrosion protection treatment and the reed valve is entirely made of AISI 301 STAINLESS steel.

Torsional rigidity, Maintenance not required.


Frequest reversals
Suitable for high speed
Machined steel
Agricultural machinery
Machine tools
Food processing and pharmaceutical
Automotive equipment
Precision mechanics





STL Flexible counpligs

Flexible couplings are characterized by two hubs produced by DESERTI MECCANICA.

The two hubs mesh loosely together, and the gaps between them are filled with blocks of elastomeric material, moulded into an star shaped element.

Couplings are elements connecting two rotating shafts, and transmitting power from one shaft to the other they perform the following functions:

Ensure a torque transmission free from shocks by damping any torsional vibrations, either due to load or self-induced.
Minimize torque shocks and peaks at a starting

Also the coupling life depends from the elastic properties of the material. he choice of the appropriate materials largely depends on the different applications and working conditions.
STL series provide the choice of the perfect joint for any kind of application.
The elastic material (star-shape elastomer) ensure that the STL joint can also perform as electrical insulation.

Applications: flexible couplings are generally recommended for continuousduty electric motor-driven ma-chinery, pumps, gearboxes etc.







GDE Gear couplings

The new gear joints series GDE is suitable for a wide range of applications.
The gear couplings are composed of two toothed hubs that mesh in an internal toothed sleeve (the material of the sleeve varies depending on the series).

This type of joint, thanks to the rounded teeth, allows an excellent compensation of angular and radial misalignments.

Some of GDE series require lubrication for a longer life and lower friction.

GD Brass/aluminium elastic counpligs

GD The brass and aluminium elastic joints by DESERTI MECCANICA are manufactured according to the traditional quality of the company.

The hubs are made of aluminium and brass and include an elastic rubber element, particularly suitable for small powers, ease of use and good
duration over time.

WCR Elastic rings couplings

The elastic joints by DESERTI MECCANICA are manufactured according to the traditional quality of the company.
The hubs are entirely made of processed steel with corrosion protection treatment and the elastic ring is designed to withstand axial and radial angular deviations.
The standard elastic ring is suitable for the torque values indicated in the table. A fabric reinforced elastic ring, able to increase the torque up to 80%, is available upon request. Maintenance without axial movement between hubs. Ease of use. Duration over time. The elastic element “G” is made of Rubber SBR NR 75 Shore, the “GN” version is reinforced fabric and can transmit higher torques. The elastic elements have the feature to absorb shock and vibrations and they can work at temperatures from -30°C to +90°C maintaining the same performance.
Rubber element easy replacement, without
hubs’ axial movement
Adjustment of alignments errors
vibrations absorption
High mechanical resistance
Small sizes
Assembling versatility
Large torsion angle
Maintenance free
Easy alignments
Suitable in ATEX zones

SPT Gusset elements couplings

The DESERTI coupling is composed by two integral toothed crowns (male and female). In the female half coupling are fitted the high resistance resilient rubber elements, which work by compression. The DESERTI couplings have torsional elasticity. They can work in both rotational directions as well as for reversals operation and also shock absorbing resulting from non uniform and alternating loads, ensure the compensation of any small misalignments error, between the driving and the driven machines due to, for instance, possible unproper assembling, thermal expansion effects, main structure elasticity, small foundation settling etc..
The DESERTI couplings in the standard version are made of graycast iron EN GJL 250 UNI EN 1561.
The elastic rubber elements, in the standard version for temperatures from -20° to + 80°C, are manufactured with the oil resistant compund, hardness 75-80 shore, designed to withstand high workloads; are also available elastic rubber elements with compound for temperatures up to -50°C.

CNT Chain couplings

CNT CNT/T Chain joint series consists mainly of two toothed gear hubs connected by a double gear chain.
Suitable for complicated applications.
This series is entirely made of steel with phosphating anti corrosion treatment.

CNT/T chain joint series is characterized by two toothed gear hubs with induction hardened teeth with finished bores and keyway and two bores with grub screw connected by a double gear chain.