Electromagnetic safety brakes in d.c. , spring loaded and with double braking surface, for general use, whose braking action is exercised in the absence of current.
In the absence of current, the loading springs (2) press the armature (5) on the brake disk (4) integral in rotation to the drive shaft via the hub (8), exerting the braking action; in the presence of current, the armature is attracted to the brake body (1) against the force of the springs, releasing the braking disc and allowing the shaft to rotate.

The brake is hermetically sealed on the outside diameter and has a value of airgap predetermined and controlled that doesn’t need any adjustment.

The brake body is entirely of steel with phosphate treatment.
The precise mechanics, together with the careful selection of a high-performance friction material obtained by moulding directly on the disc and not glued (thus avoiding cases of failure and breakage), make the brake extremely quiet and efficient even under severe conditions of operation.

No maintenance is required up to the limit of wear of the disc.

The brake coil is completely encapsulated in resin, therefore exempted from humidity or vibration due to the electro dynamical efforts in the copper wires. The enamelled copper wire is in class F, overheating of the brake are contained in the thermal class B, all components used are UL recognized or listed, so completing the high technological content of this brake.

LS versions the brake equipped (LS versions), with hand release lever (entirely in steel, obtained by laser cut) and / or braking ring steel (even made of stainless steel upon request for harsh environments).

The braking torque is fixed, obtained by six springs (TMK63 – TMK71) or eight springs (TMK80 ÷ 200). GR versions is present a braking torque adjustment ring that (10), acting on the compression of the central springs, allows adjustment of the torque from a minimum value that never drops below 40%, to the maximum of 100%.

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