Electromagnetic safety brake in d.c., spring loaded, with reduced dimensions and moderate braking torque, whose braking action is exercised in the absence of current.
The brake is characterized by a disc-braking fan consisting of a fan aluminum (5) co -molded on a cast-iron disc, providing a flywheel effect and making the brake suitable for progressive acceleration and braking. TMS-X version equipped by permanent magnets (6) inserted into the brake casing (international patent), which magnetic attraction force adds to the electromagnet force, making the brake with extremely high performance in terms of lower power consumption and low noise.


The TMS-X series is the ultimate expression of technological innovation in the field of this type of brake; years of experience, continuous investments in research and development, the improvement of the quality of the processes result in a high performance product, unique in its kind compared with similar products on the market.
The main innovation consists in the insertion of permanent magnets in the brake body, the force of attraction of which adds to the force produced by the electromagnet, generating a series of advantages in normal operation:

  • ¬†at constant braking moment, it has a reduced dimensioning of the electromagnetic circuit and the electromagnet, with a saving of material of the active parts, which translates into a lower absorption of the coil, thus saving energy and a lesser heating (so longer life) of the brake;
  • with the same size of the electromagnet, it is possible to use stronger springs and then get a braking toque higher;
  • at constant braking moment and dimensioning of the electromagnet, the brake is more stable in the event of fluctuations of the electrical network;
  • the presence of magnets softens the brake and prevents the armature vibrations, making the brakes more progressive and extremely quiet.

The precise mechanics, together with a careful choice of the friction material, obtained by molding directly on the disc and not glued (thus avoiding cases of failure and breakage) and the brake coil completely encapsulated in resin, complete the high technological content of this brake. The enamelled copper wire is in class F, overheating of the brake are contained in the thermal class B, all components used are UL recognized or listed.

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