• High operating reliability
  • Repeatability of the preset torque value
  • Possibility of altering the torque values transmitted to suit unstable loads, as part of a machine cycle or upon starting or stopping a machine with a high dynamic cycle.
  • Extremely accurate adjustment, obtainable by simple modulation of the pneumatic air supply pressure even whilst operating.
  • Quick and complete disconnection by releasing the compressed air into the atmosphere, thus allowing the mechanical load to be taken instantly to ZERO (even whilst operating at maximum output) with absence of wear since dragging of the rollers on their respective seats is avoided.
  • Flexibility in the choice of solutions with regard to type of operation or configuration, thus allowing the connections: shaft-shaft or shaft-pulley-pinion.
  • Power-factor correction. Using the versions LASS…F/AIR, synchronous reset is obtained, passing from a state of ZERO torque to one of total synchronous traction.

These limiters are strictly derived from the “LASS” series of which they share exactly the same mechanical and performance specifications, whilst differing as regards the torque control and regulation system.

In fact, the torque can be adjusted pneumatically by altering the pressure of the compressed-air supply even during running. This system allows a very high operating speed to be achieved and proves the ideal solution as regards the problem of matching the theoretical torque for normal use of the machine with the torque necessary for the initial acceleration of the machine itself.