• High operating reliability
  • Repeatability of torque value – this value does not change after being set.
  • High precision adjustment
  • Motion can be stopped electrically
  • Motion can be stopped electrically. Synchronized reset, ( LASS…F Series ) without slipping, both in normal and in highly sensitive torque limiters.
  • High speed “detachment”: only a few angled degrees of overloading are sufficient to cause the rotation that produces an electrical stop.
  • Phosphated to prevent corrosion

LASS series torque limiters are safety devices protecting mechanical transmissions and relevant assemblies subjected to repeated overloading and, in any event, caused by incorrect operating conditions. Tripping of the limiters is total and definitive, causing transmission to stop mechanically and stopping the drive unit by means of an electrical device (micro switch). This device is equipped with a “Feeler” in contact with the surface of the limiter’s mobile half- coupling.

LASS SYNCRO LINE torque limiters differ from LASS LINE ones and competitors’ products thanks to a chromium plated band as a special and unique feature.